In order to secure any type of guarantee, applicants need to have the relevant fees readily available. NO guarantee can be issued first and then paid for after it has been issued. All guarantees MUST be paid for, BEFORE being issued.

Fees differ for each guarantee solution. Please submit an online enquiry form by carefully selecting the solution that best fits your needs and one of our specialist Service Providers will make contact with you to provide advice, quotes and information.

If you see more than one potential solution offered, please submit an additional application form, for each solution that applies to your circumstances.

If no response received within 2 working days, it is highly likely that they cannot assist you. If we do have an alternative solution, we will let you know. If we do not contact you, then we are unfortunately unable to assist further.

Performance Bond

When you are required to issue bonds / guarantees to protect the interests of your clients, our service provider can provide cost effective performance bonds fast.

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Advance Payment Guarantees

Guarantee that an advance payment will be returned if the agreement under which the advance was made cannot be fulfilled.

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Bank Guarantees

Need to issue a guarantee to a supplier or credit provider. Have an approved line of credit but the credit provider requires more security. Make use of credit enhancement bank guarantees, issued from top world banks

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Bid Bonds

When tendering, security provided by a supplier that they will enter into the contract under the terms in which they submitted the tender.

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Construction Guarantees

Issued to guarantee the contractor’s performance undertaken in terms of the construction contract.

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Custom Bonds

Issued by an importer, promising to pay the necessary import taxes and comply with the rules for importing goods.

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Letters of Credit

If your bank will not issue LC’s due to a limit on your credit facility or if you are needing to enter into a large transaction, there are banks and private funders that will, for a fee, issue LC’s to assist in facilitating your trade.

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Performance Demand Guarantees

Demand guarantee to provide protection against non-performance or late performance

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Performance Sureties

Issued to guarantee performance and completion of a project by a contractor.

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Retention Guarantees

Guarantee that the contractor will continue to carry out its contractual obligations in the event that full payment is made to the contractor in advance.

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Standby Letters of Credit

If you need a SBLC to facilitate a trade or transaction, then and MT 760 can assist to enable the trade to proceed.

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Risk Solutions

  • Contractors All Risk
  • Contractors Public Liability
  • Plant Risk
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Letters of Intent
  • Transport Cover

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Please kindly select a specific finance solution and submit the relevant online form, for assistance. Thank you



How do I apply :
Please fill in the No Obligation enquiry form on this site for further information

How do I get feedback :
All feedback from us is by email. Please communicate with us by email.

May I submit more than one application
Yes, if you feel that the alternative solution/s applies to your financing need.

Who gives me the loan :
We have various lenders that offer different financing solutions. Some are JV partners, some are independent businesses some are institutional lenders. We try to find the right solution and company to assist you. In the end we believe that you are interested in finding a funding solution as quickly as possible and that is what we focus on. You may therefore be contacted by our associates.

What are the costs :
Each type of Bridging loan has a different cost structure. The lender/s will discuss costs with you once you have submitted the online enquiry form.

How long does it take :
Some loans like Pension Bridging and Sellers Proceeds take 24 hours from when all docs are signed and credit has approved. Others like property Equity Release can take 10 working days or longer. Mezzanine Finance can take two weeks or more.

Will I be approved :
This is always a difficult question to answer without all the facts. It is best to present all the facts as per our checklists, so that a quick assessment can be made.

Will an ITC check be done :
Yes, the first step in all applications is to do a Credit Bureau search.

If I am blacklisted can I get a bridging loan :
This is not a reason for an automatic decline BUT it does not make loan approvals easy to secure. The nature of the bureau listing will be considered and approval is at the sole discretion of the lender.

If I am declined is that the end :
Some products have alternative solutions so ask our consultant to see if another way is possible?

If I do not pay back the loan what happens :
Listings at bureaus, legal costs, eviction, financial sanctions etc are serious matters.
Please do not even consider entering into a loan agreement if you are not convinced you can pay it back.